SpotLRS Learning Record Store

Analytics Platform Built for Education

Educational Analytics as a Service

With the ability to support billions of events, we take in streams of learner interactions from a variety of educational products. Send us your Caliper, xAPI, or custom-format events, and we can produce visualizations, update dashboards, send notifications, and perform predictive analyses to help your team and your learners.

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

We take that overwhelming amount of data you’re collecting and do the heavy lifting with our analytics engine. This can be as simple as quick aggregates, or as complex as natural language processing (NLP) and other advance machine-learning techniques. We turn these fine-grained learner actions into wisdom to help improve learning experiences.

Built for Education

Provide visibility into what a child is learning, how they're progressing, and where adults can join them on their journey. Not all teachers or parents are data analysts, nor do they want to be, so Analytic Spot makes your learning data more valuable by translating it into actionable insights to inform teaching & learning.

Simple To Setup

As software developers, we know how critical it is that our SDK is quick and easy to plug in. Built as an analytics platform, you can add our SDK to your client or server (e.g. Android, JavaScript, Unity) without modifying existing data models or data flows.

Safe & Compliant

When working with data from children and other learners, privacy and security are must-haves. We work with leaders in the industry on security and privacy to ensure that our platform is safe, protected, and can hold up to the standards of COPPA and FERPA.

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